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Not everyone knows how to turn

Storytelling into Story Selling

Amazon tried it with Style Code Live. Other major retailers have tried it as well. And yet, they’ve all failed at livestream conversion. The reason? They don’t understand the principles of Story Selling.


They don’t understand that authenticity is more important than slick production values. The wrong balance lowers sales.


They don’t understand that viewers are not there just to be entertained. They need a reason to show up and buy.


They don’t understand the importance of creating a destination and building an engaged audience.


We do.

Storytelling vs Story Selling

Storytelling builds engagement and creates affinity.

Story Selling takes it to the next level, driving direct

response sales, creating affection and brand loyalty.

"Story Selling through livestreaming content is the single biggest opportunity for marketers since the advent of digital advertising, expected to generate $25B in shopping by 2023."

— Peter Farrell, Alice & Albert 


The Art & Science


With a background in Brand, Social, and Marketing, the Alice & Albert team understands the art of storytelling


Plus, having spent more than a decade at QVC, the world’s leading video commerce company, we also understand the science of Story Selling


We’ve perfected an approach that balances the two—and know how this converts to dollars-per-minute.


By bringing proven DRTV selling principles to digital platforms and tapping into our pool of on-air and former QVC story sellers, we help you choose the right message—and the right talent to deliver it. And we help you build the audience you need to succeed.

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Proof in numbers


Our direct team has already helped to drive several hundred million dollars in sales. And we’ve built a social commerce program that’s driven over $100M in sales over 5 years.

Curious? Contact us to learn how we can do this for you. 


But, said Alice, if the world has absolutely no sense, who's stopping us from inventing one?"

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